Context Menu Manager

Provides a registry for commands that you'd like to appear in the context menu. An instance of this class is always available as the inkdrop.contextMenu global.

Context Menu JSON Format

In your package's menu .json file you need to specify it under a context-menu key like so:

  "context-menu": {
    ".mde-preview": [
      { "label": "Copy", "command": "core:copy" },
      { "label": "Select All", "command": "core:select-all" }

The format for use in ::add is the same minus the context-menu key.


Adding Context Menu Items

Add context menu items scoped by CSS selectors.

To add a context menu, pass a selector matching the elements to which you want the menu to apply as the top level key, followed by a menu descriptor. The invocation below adds a 'History' submenu on the editor supporting undo/redo. This is just for example purposes and not the way the menu is actually configured in Inkdrop by default.


Returns a Disposable on which .dispose() can be called to remove the added menu items.

Adding Context Menu Example

  '.CodeMirror': [
      label: 'History',
      submenu: [
        { label: 'Undo', command: 'core:undo' },
        { label: 'Redo', command: 'core:redo' }
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